Game System

Game System

*All screenshots are from the PS4™ system version.

Game Flow

From the Beach Menu, you can start a mission or prepare for one by getting changed.

Game Flow screenshot 1

Adventure Scenes

Adventure scenes advance the story by presenting character dialogues and visual novel sequences.

Game Flow screenshot 2

Watch the girls interact and challenge each other in these scripted cinematic scenes that introduce each stage. Hear the original Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles to see how training is performed and conflicts are born, while finding hidden depths to each girl by learning about their stories, friendships, and dreams.

Game Flow screenshot 3

The short stories, or visual novel-style segments, add even more depth to the world, revealing the history, customs, and conflicts of the shinobi realm. The inner thoughts and daily trials of the girls also come into play, all interspersed with beautiful artwork.

Game Flow screenshot 4

Action Scenes

The heart of the game, where you take control and battle! Play through various story missions or take on character-specific missions; either way, you'll be beating up enemies with the beautifully buxom ninja of your choice.

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Each character's costume has three parts: "Uniform," "Shinobi Outfit," and "Lingerie." Dress your favorite girl up in her best sexy outfit. Beat missions and earn grades to unlock hidden clothes, including the shinobi outfits of the opposing factions. From Pit Girl to Nurse, there are outfits to please everyone, and with an equally wide variety of accessories, each girl will have her own unique look. Just don't get too attached to the outfits, as there's a good chance they will be torn off during the next battle!

Costumes screenshot 1 Costumes screenshot 2 Costumes screenshot 3

Battle Basics

Each girl has her own style of martial arts to beat her foes. Make use of both strong and weak attacks to perform powerful combinations. A Combo Meter keeps track of how many attacks you chain on enemies, and the higher your combo score, the more XP you gain. Large combos also unlock new moves to deal even more damage! When you send your enemies flying, you can follow them into the air to perform an Aerial Rave, dealing further combos and damage even while airborne. If your mission includes an NPC partner, you can even pair up with them to take airborne enemies down with a Fusion Aerial Rave!

Battle Basics screenshot 1 Battle Basics screenshot 2

Though the girls are masters at dealing out pain, they will inevitably take damage now and again. Each hit the girls take reduces both their health gauge and their costume's durability. Their outfits slowly tear off bit by bit until all durability is lost and they're left in nothing but their lingerie! To add insult to injury, the fewer clothes they have the more damage they take, so try to keep your "armor" on for as long as possible.

Battle Basics screenshot 3

Secret Ninja Arts

Each girl has a Ninja Art gauge which, when filled, lets that girl perform a "Shinobi Transformation." This unlocks each girl's true shinobi form and allows for powerful special attacks called "Secret Ninja Arts." These special attacks deal massive damage and have a wider range than normal attacks.

Secret Ninja Arts screenshot 1 Secret Ninja Arts screenshot 2 Secret Ninja Arts screenshot 3

Eight Unforgettable Days

Experience eight days filled with hilarious shenanigans, high-flying battles, and emotional upheavals as the shinobi girls mature and grow stronger with each encounter they face.

Eight Unforgettable Days screenshot 1 Eight Unforgettable Days screenshot 2